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So, let's start with basics then. I was born on 2nd October, in 1980. The country where I was born, is Finland, so I believe that makes me a Finnish citizen. And to specify, I still DO live in Finland. :) I have always been the only child, and that's how it's going to be. Naturally, I have received more attention from my parents because of that, but I still don't consider myself too spoiled. I have just tried to be a good girl to show my thank yous to my parents. Luckily (I guess) I have got some calmness from my father's side, and so, making me angry requires quite a lot of work. I have had blond hair like so many Finns have, for all my life. Until now, when it appears to get a bit darker.

As all the finnish children, also I started school in the year when I turned seven. School was almost fun for me at the beginning, I recall being much better student in my first years than the last ones. :) After six years, it was time to move to junior high school. That time was not definately fun anymore. I still try not to think about it too much. Being very unpopular is never fun. I managed the next three years, and prepared to start high school which is located in the same school building as the junior high is.

My high school period was a bit better than junior high. Most of the students from junior high were now moved to other cities and were not there anymore. And that suited me very well. By this time, I had also "found" the computers and mostly, the Internet. I still wasn't sure though what I would like to become, what would I go to study after high school? Before my interest to computers, I had always wanted to become a flight attendant or a travel guide, but now the plans had changed a bit.

I have never considered myself as a genious or something like that, you know, a very eager student. I almost never got top scores in any subject. Well, luckily graduating doesn't require that. I passed the final exams with average scores and got graduated in summer 1999. Already long before graduation, I had to choose where to go next, IF I'll get in anywhere. My decision was to go and study computing and specifically application development in Lahti, which is only one hour away from my homecity, Sysmä.

To my huge surprise, I did get in. There had been many students on my class who got better scores in our final exams, and who were generally better students too, but not all of them got in to schools they had wanted to, so of course I was surprised that I now had a place in a new school. The school is called a polytechnic, it's not quite like university, but close. In universities one should read, read and read. Polytechnics are schools that prepare students for work life by giving courses and education that are close to the upcoming jobs. My school, where my main line was computing, is called Lahti Polytechnic - Faculty of Business Studies. So, as it is also business, they teached us basics from marketing and stuff like that too.

In the guidance books it was said that graduating from the school would take 3 and a half years. In these cases, it's very rare that a student will graduate in that time. In my class, no one did. I was actually one of the quickest though, because I was delayed only half a year, graduating summer 2003. My degree which I have now received, is a BBA, which stands for a Bachelor of Business Administration, and for me, specifically in computing.

That would shortly cover my education timeline. After graduating from polytechnic, I moved with my boyfriend to Tampere, but in the end that wasn't the right choice for me. We lived together a bit over a year, then I came back home and we broke up. I haven't had any regrets about it, being a single again is fine with me.

Something about my hobbies, well, actually not much, because I really don't have too many hobbies. The most important hobby for me would be playing around with my computer, mostly working with my websites. I'm a tv series -freak, not all series, but fantasy series. Xena, Buffy, Angel, Charmed and Lexx are my all time favorites. I can't live without them, so I'm recording the episodes, or then I've purchased them on DVD or VHS. :P At least some of them.

I also enjoy listening to music. The music I like to listen to is mostly instrumental music such as soundtracks. Buffy: Once More With Feeling -soundtrack is absolutely great! One of my favorites at the moment. Also, the composer of Xena soundtracks, Joseph LoDuca creates wonderful music. Some of the 'real' artists I like include Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Marc Anthony and Elton John.

I believe this should be enough for my autobiography for now. I'm sure you are bored enough. :) For comments or anything else, you can contact me with this form.

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