Lexx screen captures by Angelbacchae

Lexx: The Series started in 1997 as four two hour made for tv movies, which are usually considered as Lexx's first season. After the movies, Lexx was turned into a 'real' series: its second season contained 20 one hour episodes. Third season was a little shorter, having 13 episodes. Unfortunately, the fourth season was decided to be its last one having 24 episodes.

Lexx itself is a kind of spaceship, but very unique one. It could be (and is, actually) descriped as a big bug, big meaning the size of Manhattan. Lexx has also a mind of its own, quite simple though, but it does speak and takes commands from its captain, who has the key to the Lexx. Key in this meaning isn't really a KEY, but instead it's extra energy inside the captain helping Lexx to recognize who is the real captain. There is one thing which makes Lexx a very interesting spaceship; its ability to blow up a whole planet in a few seconds.

Even though the show is named Lexx, Lexx doesn't play such a big role as its crewmembers, who are the captain Stanley Tweedle (Brian Downey), a loveslave Xev (Xenia Seeberg), a dead ex-assassin Kai (Michael McManus) and a robothead 790.

During the movies and two first episodes of the 2nd season, there was no Xev, but Zev. Should be easy to guess that they're quite the same person. Zev (played by Eva Habermann) is partly a clusterlizard and is in love with Kai. In the episode 'Terminal' Zev gave up her life to save Kai who was trapped. In the next episode, Lyekka, a plant who looks like any normal woman, brought the third crewmember back, but not exactly the way she looked like earlier. So, since then Zev has been Xev instead.

A typical Lexx episode includes comedy - mostly performed by Kai, since he is dead and the dead people are usually a little 'different' than living - adventures in different planets, Stanley getting in trouble :) and finally Xev and/or Kai rescueing him.

Lexx offers a great alternative choice in scifi series, for mature audience. Some tv-channels have cut off scenes because of nudity, which occurs every now and then in the series. But in overall, it is a show which is worth of trying. Usually people either love it, or hate it. I guess I'm one of the lovers. :) Also the music, which is composed by Marty Simon is excellent and fits well to the show. In my opinion, the first version of the 2nd season opening must be one of the best tv themes ever made!

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